Drunk chat - a place for you :-)


Shortcut to:

First of all, let's see the login steps:

(1) Enter your nick, (2) choose a color, if the offered not good for you and (3) enter the captcha.
After that steps it's time to click on (4) the link to open the next fields.
If you're already a member, enter your (4.1) password. The engine offering you a time zone, if it's not fit, (5) choose yours! If all good, it's time to (6) enter the chat, click on the sign!

Ok then, now the basics, the icons and menus in the chat!

A simple message looks like this:

- First is a time stamp, in this example it's 24th November, 19 hours and 44 minutes.
- Next is the nick underlined with dotted line.
- Then the message itself.
- At the end it's a like indicator of the message.

In this chat the hovering over a link or an icon helps a lot: most of the links / icons shows help or menu to you.

The most important is the little menu appearing when you hovering over the underlined nick.

Let's see, how this menu looks alike in different cases:

1) You're just arrived, in main chat only

Icon 1 If you want to send a public message to the guest, click on this icon and it inserts the guest nick after an @ symbol to your message field above. It shows the guest nick in it's color, so easy to recognise.
Icon 2 If you found this guest is a fucker, just click on this icon to ignore. If you change your mind later, you can unignore anyone in the [tools] menu.

2) You're joined at a table, and it's a table message

Icon 3 If you decided to leave the current table, just click on this icon to make it happend.

3) You're joined at a table, and it's not a table message

Icon 6 The guest is not sitting at your table, but you need this guest at the table, just click on this icon and the guest get an invite from you to the chosen table. It's up to the guest to accept or decline the invitation.

4) You're a table owner, it's a message in there

Icon 5 If you found this member of your own table a bastard, you can kick the guest out and purge all the table messages the guest sent, the guest can't send invite request to your table either. Just click to this boot and you're done.

5) You're a moderator (at a table)

Icon 4 Just click on this icon to kick the guest out, purge all its messages and ban from the whole chat for 60 minutes.

Icons at the end of each messages

Icon 7 if you're a moderator, you can see this icon at the end of all messages, otherwise you see that only at the end of your own last message.
With this icon you can delete the current message from the chat.
Icon 8 It's a "like" indicator: if you like a message, you can express your positive feelings with a click on this icon. The number shows how many guests like the message. You can unlike your previous like with a second click. You can't like your own message, but you always know, if anyone did.

Buttons at the top

Button 9 If you're ready to send your message, you can do that with click on this button or with press the enter key on your keyboard.
List 10 Here you can select where you want to send your message. Default is the "public", it means your message will landed in the main chat. If you're member of a table or more, you can select the table where you want to send your message.
Button 11 The engine refresh the chat in every 15 seconds. It's also refresh it, when you send a message, or when you make the chat tab active, or you're back from the tools menu. But if you want to follow the chat more closely, just click on this button!
Button 12 Clicking on this button leads you to the tools menu. In the tools menu you can reach the following options: number of guests, list of guests, your ignored guests (you can unignore them here), all the tables of the chat (you can join, ask invite, leave here), change your color, your own tables (you can create, change color, close here), exit the chat, your membership (register, delete).


What is this for God sakes?
This is a honest chat for the people lost the way in that generation Z world's fancy chats and emojis. A good, old fashioned chat with colored messages to help for the drunk / high ones :-)
Why tables?
Imagine this like a Saloon in the wild West. As a guest you can standing at the bar or sitting in a large table to join for the table people. You can create your own table with an actual topic or anything else. And we know how chat people hate the rp and private chatters, so the minimum people to run a table is 3 person. We bet, you will like this.
What about the moderation?
We're watching for bad words, if the engine recognise a message using that words, hide the message under a black ribbon. You can read the message if hovering your mouse over the ribbon. We do the same with all the links, but with blue ribbon to protect our guests.
We have no dedicated moderators.
If you're in the chat for 15 minutes at least, the engine can appoint you as a moderator for 35 minutes. It's random to give a chance for all our guests ;-)
Nobody knows you're a moderator or not, so nobody can influence your acts for that time.
What about my private datas?
Well, it's up to you what datas you give us. We suggest you, don't use - any part of - your real name as a nick, that's good as the first step.
We store all guest's IP addresses from two sources. We store all members' e-mail address and password, but never encoding that two with the same key and method.
In the cookies we storing only datas of the engine, it's never related to you as a person, never paired even with your nick name.
And we're not sell you to anyone!
What if i see mobile layout on desktop or vica-versa?
Well, it's pretty weird, but happens sometimes. On the login screen you find a button to change device in the center at the top. Tap/click on this and your choose will be stored for a week. Use the url https://drunkchat.org every time to get this great chat on your right device!
What language the chat requests?
We prefer the english in the main chat, found this as the best transfer language between different languages, as we tried :-)
At the tables you can use any language as the table owner allowed, at our country based public tables please use the certain language of the table's country!
Can i reserve my nick?
Sure, you can. In the tools menu you can register yourself as a chat member. Your membership protects your nick while you're away. And it's free for sure!
Can i reach the permament tables easily?
Sure, you can. We have shortcuts to the paermanent tables, you can bookmark and/or use the following urls to a direct access. After logged in don't forget to change the target place with the selector (see List 10)!
If you want your own permanent table (if you're a bar owner or something) we can do it for you, just click here to contact us!